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Girl Gets Ring is a system (consisting of a 144 page manual and many bonuses including some mp3 audio) that was created by Jonathan Green and TW Jackson with the hope that they can help ONE MILLION women get married. Jonathan is a world renown dating coach, having interviewed more than 35,000 women around the world. TW Jackson, also known as T Dub, has authored The Magic Of Making Up, one of the most successful relationship repair books of all time. The reason behind their Girl Gets Ring mission of how to get a man to commit is that there are millions of women in relationships that are frustrated with their guy because their relationship isn’t moving forward towards the altar. This is a very serious emotional problem because of the many years they have invested in their relationship.

Obviously, this is quite a mission to accomplish since a majority of women feel that they’ll never find the love they deserve or start the family they want. In addition, there are millions of women in the dating scene who seemingly can’t even get a relationship started. As such, it makes determining the true efficacy of Jonathan Green’s Girl Gets Ring that much more important.

Purchasing The Product

Like most other ebooks (electronic books) Girl Gets Ring is only available online. You can buy it through the official website – – which offers a free video presentation.  Just click on the link to the free video presentation, and after watching the free video, you just scroll down towards the end of the page, and you will see a button that leads you to a secure ordering page. From there you can use any major credit card or PayPal to get Girl Gets Ring.

How It Works

The Girl Gets Ring system contains the following:

1. Girl Gets Ring Manual (144 pages)
2. Masculine Hero Avatar MP3
3. Clean Slate Method (How to make effective apologies)
4. Long Distance Relationship Secrets (Many women are in LDR’s)
5. 7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Their Online Profile
6. (Super Bonus) From Conflict To Compassionate Communication (Licensed from Lori Rubenstein)

These are all lessons. In order for this to work, you need to follow the Girl Gets Ring assignments that are given.

The Girl Gets Ring system gets you to your wedding in six phases:

  1. Singledom … while you build your foundation, you are challenged to look within and find your true passion
  2. Looking For love …  here you learn how to pick & maximize meetings with the right kind of guys..
  3. Making First Contact… throw “subtle” out the window…Honesty, Passion, Self Confidence = THE BIG THREE…screening questions and saving a TON of time
  4. Dating & Creating A Strong Love Bond … LOTS of pages and info here; first dates mistakes (yours & his); when to sleep with him, hilarious homework and being unpredictable …this section is DATING TIPS ON STEROIDS!
  5. Becoming A Girlfriend … what is a relationship? You can’t change find someone you don’t want to change!…your key to communication, avoiding arguments…Tell It Like It Is
  6. From Girlfriend To Fiance … believing in him and his adventures, You are his fantasy, how to speak so he’ll listen…

In addition, there is an upsell with Girl Gets Ring that will provide you with all the above and…

  1.  6 Weeks of motivation and tutoring by email. This
    is not coaching, but extra content delivered by email.
  2. Text Romance Manual
  3. Perfect Online Profile Manual

If you pass on that offer, then you are offered the above minus the 6 weeks of motivation and tutoring.

The Girl Gets Ring information is laid out fairly well, and is easy to read. However, after reading it, I would recommend noting down a step-by-step system on a piece of paper to make it easier to follow.


Actual Test


While the Girl Gets Ring lessons, assignments, and information  presented are completely unique, its psychology is not anything new or revolutionary. Girl Gets Ring does however reveal and discuss current trends, which could be quite useful if you’ve been missing from the dating scene for a little while. This Girl Gets Ring system is a no nonsense direct path to improving and understanding men dramatically and their relationships with women. It’s presented to you in a personal & fun way so that if you genuinely follow the course and worksheets, you will be transformed into a new level of readiness and attractiveness. This Girl Gets Ring system is one of the best, if not the best systems out there for those looking to learn how to get a man to commit.


Key Observations


  • Developed by two of the top minds in dating, and you are taken by the hand and gently brought into the “inner circle.”
  • A wealth of valuable written material as well as audio material that allow you to listen anywhere.
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • Its psychology is not anything new or revolutionary, but is helpful if you’ve been out of the dating game.
  • Girl Gets Ring is an ebook giving you guidance to further your relationship, not the actually “cure” to being single.

Overall Rating : 9.5/10 – One of the best systems available to go from “Hello”.. to.. “I do”.. as fast as womanly possible.

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